CS Indy Article on Opioid Crisis Features Dr. Nathaniel Granger, Jr.

Nathaniel Granger, Jr., PsyD

A recent article in the Colorado Springs Independent on the opioid crisis features RMHCPA board member and treasurer, Dr. Nathaniel Granger, Jr. In the article, Dr. Granger discusses that addiction often is a way to attempt to fill a “void” in one’s life. He also discusses the use of poetry to help people overcome addiction.

Read the full article at https://www.csindy.com/coloradosprings/what-if-our-opioid-crisis-is-really-about-isolation/Content?oid=19793750&fbclid=IwAR1LYCEGstRw3_OXx2cCPvZClzc325ZeL6snbiuJqM2Znf1w_CIRgUIjBeA

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