Building Fund

The Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association is raising funds to pay off our building that hosts the International Archives of Existential and Humanistic Psychology, the International Archives of Transpersonal Psychology, the Center for Humanistic and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (CHIP), and the RMHCPA Administrative Offices. The archives features books, videos, historic memorabilia, and other historic items, including items from Rollo May, Jim Bugental, Tom Greening, Ilene Serlin, Irvin Yalom, Steve Pritzker, Shelley Diamond, Louis Hoffman, and others. We continue to receive material commitments and donations from influential people in humanistic, existential, and transpersonal psychology. The archives serves as one of the premiere humanistic, existential, and transpersonal libraries and collections in the world.

Now that we have purchased a building, we are raising funds to pay off the loans. The building was 100% funding by donations and private loans. The private loans come from people who believe in the mission and vision of RMHCPA and its potential to make a positive global impact. Our goal is to pay off the building within 10-years to assure that the RMHCPA building will become a permanent home for humanistic, existential, and transpersonal psychology that will continue to make a positive impact long into the future. Our goal for the building fund is to raise $450,000, which would pay off the private loans needed to purchase the building.

To recognize RMHCPA supporters contributing to our building fund, we will include our building fund supporters on our website and as part of one of several special plaques ($25 minimum) that will be prominently displayed at the RMHCPA Building. Your name will be added to the plaque after 1-year of monthly donations based on your donation level:

Donor Level: $10.00 per month (website only)

Building Level Donor: $50 per month or a one time donation of $6,000 to our building fund

Sustainability Level Donor: $100 per month or a one-time donation of $12,000 to our building fund

Foundation Level Donor: $250 per month or a one-time donation of $30,000

Platinum Building Level Donor: $500 per month or a one-time donation of $60,000

To sign up for a monthly donation, visit

Large Donations

For one-time larger donations, we will continue to work with donors to memorialize the contribution in the name of the donor or a loved one of theirs. If you are interested in a large donation, contact us and our executive director, Louis Hoffman, will reach out to discuss options.