The Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association has six standing committees. The committees and their membership are listed below. We have a number of vacancies that we are still working to fill. If you have interest in serving on one of these committees, please contact Louis Hoffman, the RMHCPA president, at

Finance Committee

  1. Nathaniel Granger, Jr. (Chair)
  2. Louis Hoffman
  3. Ian Wickramasekera
  4. Member Vacancy
  5. Student Vacancy

Audit Committee

  1. Cathy Calvert (Chair)
  2. Nathaniel Granger, Jr.
  3. Jim Ungvarsky
  4. Student Vacancy

Membership and Outreach Committee

  1. Cathy Calvert (Co-Chair)
  2. Ian Wickramasekera (Co-Chair)
  3. Member Vacancy
  4. Jenna Noah (Graduate Student Representative)
  5. Undergraduate Student Representative Vacancy

Continuing Education and Training Committee

  1. Louis Hoffman (Chair)
  2. Dan Johnson
  3. Carla Clements
  4. Luis Vargas
  5. Melissa Racho
  6. Student Vacancy

Publications Committee

  1. Carla Clements (Chair)
  2. Luis Vargas
  3. Ryan Williams (Student Representative)
  4. Member Vacancy

Awards Committee

  1. Lisa Vallejos (Chair)
  2. Dan Johnson
  3. Heatherlyn Cleare-Hoffman
  4. Francis Kaklauskas
  5. Student Vacancy