Member Publications

Shattered: How Everything Came Together When it Fell Apart
by Lisa Vallejos

Existential Psychology East-West (Vol. 1 – Revised & Expanded Edition)
by Louis Hoffman, Mark Yang, Francis J. Kaklauskas, Albert Chan & Monica Mansilla

Existential Psychology East-West (Vol. 2)
by Louis Hoffman, Mark Yang, Monica Mansilla, Jason Dias, Michael Moats, & Trent Claypool

Shadows & Light: Theory, Research, & Practice in Transpersonal Psychology (Vol. 1 & 2)
by Francis J. Kaklauskas, Carla Clements, Dan Hocoy, & Louis Hoffman

Wisdom of Children
by Barbara Sheppard Williams with Heather Danae Williams

The Buddha, the Bike, the Couch, and the Circle: A Festschrift for Dr. Robert Unger
by Michael Dow, Francis J. Kaklauskas, & Elizabeth Olson

Our Last Walk: Using Poetry for Grieving and Remembering Our Pets
by Louis Hoffman, Michael Moats, and Tom Greening

Journey of the Wounded Soul: Poetic Companions for Spiritual Struggles
by Louis Hoffman & Steve Fehl

Silent Screams: Poetic Journeys Through Addiction & Recovery
by Nathaniel Granger, Jr. & Louis Hoffman

Spirituality & Psychological Health
by Richard H. Cox, Betty Ervin-Cox, & Louis Hoffman

Brilliant Sanity: Buddhist Approaches to Psychotherapy (Rev. & Expanded Ed).
by Francis J. Kaklauskas, Susan Nimmanheminda, Louis Hoffman, MacAndrew Jack, & Jane Perlstein

Existential Psychology and the Way of the Tao: Meditations on the Writings of Zhuangzi
by Mark Yang

Connoisseurs of Suffering: Poetry for the Journey to Meaning
by Jason Dias & Louis Hoffman

Capturing Shadows: Poetic Encounters Along the Path of Grief and Loss
by Louis Hoffman & Michael Moats

Stay Awhile: Poetic Narratives on Multiculturalism and Diversity
by Louis Hoffman & Nathaniel Granger, Jr.

God Image Handbook for Spiritual Counseling & Psychotherapy: Research, Theory, and Practice
by Glendon Moriarty & Louis Hoffman