Rent our Archives Room

The Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association Archives Room is available to rent for your next event. This beautiful room is located near downtown Colorado Springs in the Ivywild area off 8th Street. There is ample parking and several good restaurants nearby.

Room Pricing

  • Up to 4 hours during the day: $125
  • Up to 8 hours during the day: $250
  • Evening hours (5:30 and later): $150
  • All day and evening: $350

Additional Information and Costs

  • The room rates are based upon the renter doing a basic cleaning, which includes making sure there are no items left in the room, any trash is placed in trash receptacles inside the building, and returning furniture to its original placement); if RMHCPA does the basic cleaning, there is an additional charge of $100.
  • We do allow catering or bringing in outside food. The renter is responsible for making sure all plates, cups, napkins, etc. are put in trash receptacles inside the building; all food and beverages are removed at the end of the event; and all catering items (food trays, etc.) are removed. If RMHCPA does the cleaning following a catered event, the cleaning charge is $200.
  • There may be additional fees for technology, depending upon the event’s needs.
  • We do offer member discounts on room rentals for RMHCPA members.

The RMHCPA Archives room is approximately 350 square feet. For events, we can hold:

  • 55 people standing (no tables or chairs) for social or networking events
  • 32 people in chairs in rows for lectures, workshops, or similar events
  • 12-20 people for a meeting with boardroom table and chairs.