Frantz Fanon Resource Page

We encourage presenters to consider some engagement with Frantz Fanon’s writing in their proposal and presentation, even if not the primary focus. This not required, but encouraged. As many are not familiar with Fanon’s writing, we have developed a resource page on Frantz Fanon to help individuals better engage with Fanon’s writings.

We will continue to be adding resources to this page through at least mid-summer.



Fanon’s “New Humanism”

Fanon was critical of what he viewed as a humanism that was based upon White European culture. Though he spoke more to White European culture, his critique was also relevant to United States culture. Fanon was familiar with what was happening in the United States and deeply concerned about this, including not wanting to come to the United States, which he referred to as “a country of lynchers,” for treatment after his diagnosis with cancer. Therefore, Fanon proposed that we need a “new humanism” in his book, Black Skin, White Masks. Fanon argued that the idea of “the human” emerged from the White European tradition in a radicalized manner that did not adequately consider the humanity of all people. He advocated for a liberation from the radicalized understanding of human toward a new, more inclusive, humanism. Lewis Gordon, an existential philosopher and Fanon scholar, argued that the new humanism should be the outcome sought by decolonized, anti-racist philosophy.

Frantz Fanon Books

Engagement with primary sources is recommended. Fanon published 3 books as well as two books published complied of his papers. One of these books is available in a single collection or three smaller volumes. While all his books are deeply psycholigical, the books with the most direct psychological references are Black Skin, White Masks, The Wretched of the Earth, and Alienation and Freedom (Psychiatric Writings).

Documentaries on Frantz Fanon (Avaialble on Amazon Prime):

Recommended books on Frantz Fanon’s Psychological Contributions:

Brief introductions to Fanon

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