Student Scholarship Fund

RMHCPA is committed to providing opportunities for students, including opportunities for students who are unable to afford registration fees to attend continuing education events and conferences.

Contributing to RMHCPA’s Student Scholarship Fund

RMHCPA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Donations are tax-deductible.  To make a donation, please visit

Requesting a Scholarship to Attend a Conference or Event

If you are a student seeking a scholarship for an event, please complete the form below using your offical student email so that we can verify your student status. If you do not have a student email, you will be asked to provide the email of someone at the univeristy who can attest that you are a current student. Typically, we only give free admission to current RMHCPA student members. You can become a student member for $10 by vising If you are able to afford a discounted rate, we encourage you to request a discount instead of free admission so that we can maximize the numer of students able to attend events.