Awards may be given once a year. Not all awards will be given every year. Awards will be granted to only those who have a historical or current connection to the Rocky Mountain region, preferably having resided in the region during part of their career while remaining available to those who may not have resided but have made significant contributions to the region

Emory G. Cowan and Susan Cooper Lifetime Service Award
This award is given to individuals whose service to humanistic psychology in the Rocky Mountain Region has made a lasting impact on the field of humanistic psychology.

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Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is given to a luminary in humanistic psychology who, over the course of their life, has made a significant and lasting impact on the field of humanistic psychology.

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Humanistic Exemplar Award

This award is presented to a student and a professional who exemplifies the lived ideals of Humanistic Psychology in their life, professional work, and their contributions as a student or professional.

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Social Justice in Psychology Award

The RMHCPA Social Justice award is given to a recipient who has shown remarkable levels of advocacy in an effort to advance social justice causes in the Rocky Mountain region. Social justice is defined by RMHCPA, in part, as striving toward a world where everyone’s human rights and dignity are protected and respected. Recipients of this award may be active in politics, advocacy, activism, scholar-activism, and community work, and they often are involved in more than one of these arenas. RMHCPA recipients are those who have shown a dedication to equity and are notable for their attempts to open doors to those often excluded.

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Early Career Award

This award is given to an individual within 7 years of their highest achieved degree relevant to mental health who has demonstrated commitment, excellence, integrity, and achievement in forwarding and embodying the humanistic principles in their career.

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Outstanding Student Paper Award

One award will be given to undergraduate students and one to graduate students. The paper criteria are:

  • Appropriate writing style for the level of the student,
  • Offer insight and clarity of thinking
  • Clear demonstration of student’s interest in humanistic psychology & grasp of the material

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Best Student Poster Award

This award is given at the annual conference for the best student poster. One award is given for the best undergraduate student poster and one for the best graduate student poster. The criteria for the award are:

  • Clarity of presentation
  • Depth of thinking
  • Grasp of Humanistic Psychology
  • Original ideas/creativity

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Awards Committee

  1. Lisa Xochitl Vallejos (Chair)
  2. Dan Johnson
  3. Heatherlyn Cleare-Hoffman
  4. Francis Kaklauskas
  5. Student Vacancy