Sixth Annual Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association Conference (Online)

Conference Theme: Sacred Rage: The New Humanistic Uprising Against Dehumanization
Location: Online/Zoom
Date: October 29, 2022

RMHCPA is beginning plans for the Sixth Annual RMHCPA Conference for October 29, 2022. More information on our presenters and schedule will be available here as speakers for the conference are confirmed. The conference will be exploring themes of dehumanization in contemporary society, politics, mental health, and psychotherapy as well as humanistic psychology’s response to these trends. 

Conference Schedule

Live Schedule (All Times are listed in Mountain Standard Time (Add 2-hours for EST; add 1-hour for CST; subtract 1 hour for PST)

Saturday, October 29


Conference Opening


Transforming Trauma into Beauty: Community Healing and Solidarity-Building through the Phenomenological Arts

Nisha Gupta


Addressing Student Trauma with Restorative Practices in K-12 Schools

Kevin Barrett


Sacred Uprisings Against Hate Incidents: Poetry Experiential Exercise to Facilitate Therapeutic Processing

Society for Humanistic Psychology’s Standing Committee Against Hate Incidents Members (Nathaniel Granger, Roxanne Christensen, Gina Belton, Elliot Benjamin, Theopia Jackson, Randi Johnson, Sarah Kamens)


Lunch Break


Keynote: Naming and Addressing Racialized Violence

Apryl Alexander


The Possibility of Humanistic Diagnosis: Bringing Meaningful Change to People and Systems

Anthony J. Pavlo


A Humanistic Existential Conceptualization of Professional Values in Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

Alfredo F. Palacios, Aaron Smith, and Matthew A. Gonzales


Awards Celebration

Asynchronous Presentations (Available Online)

  1. Challenges to Humanistic Education – Louis Hoffman, PhD
  2. In Support of a Humanistic Framework for the Field of Social Work – Stephen Oby, PhD

Poster Presentations (Available Online)

  1. Mapping Aesthetic Chills on the Body: Preliminary Data – Britny Forbes
  2. Stigma & Dehumanization: Addressing Barriers to Treating Cluster B Personality Disorders – Morgan Fenn Jamison, Linden Hughes, Michelle Hammar, Raquel Jordan, & Marilyn Wilson
  3. Personal Growth Through the I Ching: A Five Year Autoethnography – Miranda Johnson
  4. Guideline Adherence During COVID-19: Changes in Individual Willingness to Adhere or Vaccinate After Exposure to Falsified Data – Scout Dusty Rhodes
  5. Female Eco-Martyrs Experiences of Violence When Defending Their Eco-Movements – Shannon Roberson, Kari Allen, Richard Bargdill, PhD, Cloey Bibbs, Julia Germano, Carley Harrison, Tejas Henry, & Christopher Latourrette
  6. Differences in Gender Violence in Eco-Martyr Assassinations: A Mixed Methods Study Shannon Roberson & Richard Bargdill, PhD
  7. An Existential Conflict: Terror Management Theory and Russian-Ukrainian War – Jonathan Sundby, Marcus Chur, Moussa Diarra, Yasmine Daugherty, & Tylor Kistler
  8. The Shade is Queer, the Shadow is Vers: Humanizing the Perverse, the Weak, the Addicted, and the Wicked – Jack Thomas

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