Dan Johnson, PsyD

Dan Johnson, PsyD, is a founding board member of the Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association. Dan had a fifteen-year career in social services, primarily in program management for people with disabilities, and wraparound services for adolescents, before returning to graduate school and becoming a psychologist.  As a psychologist Dan worked in a local community mental health program focused on serving children and adolescents in open abuse and neglect cases, then in a college counseling center supporting queer and trans students, and now a full-time private practice in Colorado Springs. Dan’s practice is diverse, emphasizing service to clients of diverse gender, sexual, and romantic identities and lifestyles, but also to many local military veterans.  Dan won their school’s Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship for research on the experiences of transgender people with microaggressions that occur in psychotherapy.  This research and practice background has led to numerous invitations to present in academic, mental health, and social service settings on a variety of subjects regarding transgender identity and supports.