RMHCPA Statement in the Wake of the Club Q Shooting

The Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association (RMHCPA) stands with the LGBTQIA+ community in the wake of yet another senseless mass shooting in our Colorado Springs community. We stand with love and compassion for the people impacted by the mass shooting at Club Q. Love and compassion, like thoughts and prayers, holds limited meaning if they are not connected to action—to living with love and compassion for all people. Therefore, we call on our community, our state, and our country to take action against hate and against gun violence. As a community and society, we have been thinking, praying, and crying over these tragedies without action for too long. Authentic love and compassion are not impotent; they call us to speak out against hate. RMHCPA stands ready to be active through sitting in silence and tears with those suffering. We also stand prepared to advocate for change and accountability, including common sense gun laws and accountability for individuals and organizations that spread hate speech.

New Membership Benefits for 2023

RMHCPA is excited to offer two new membership benefits for 2023. If you join now, your membership will be good through December 31, 2023. The new membership benefits are:
1) All RMHCPA members can receive 20% off all University Professors Press books when purchased through their website (see https://www.universityprofessorspress.com to view their catalog). This membership benefit is currently available.
2) Beginning in 2023, all members can receive access to one of our archived CE courses of their choice on our Thinkific site (see our current offerings at https://rmhcpa.thinkific.com/ ). You can have access to your course as soon as you join or renew.
To join or renew your membership, visit https://rmhcpa.org/join/

Report from March 2017 Board Meeting

A number of new developments emerged from the March 2017 Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling and Psychological Association Board Meeting. We wanted to provide members with an update on what will be coming in 2017.

  1. RMHCPA has begun preparations to be able to offer continuing education events in Colorado.
  2. We are planning our first annual conference for this summer and hope to have the final dates along with a call for papers announced soon.
  3. We are planning a pre-conference workshop focusing on working with individuals who have experienced or work with marginalized and oppressed groups.
  4. Following the conference, we are planning a day of community service in which we will offer programs for the community on topics such as “How to Talk to your Children About Racism” and “Self-care for Advocates and Activists.” We also plan to offer free groups for children and teenagers to talk about their experience with bullying and prejudice.
  5. We established three new RMHCPA Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award, Lifetime Service Award, and Distinguished Student Paper Award. Each year, we will have a call for nominations and awards will be given at our annual conference.

These are just some of the exciting things we are planning for 2017! If you are a mental health professional or student and have not yet joined, we hope you will consider joining soon.

Louis Hoffman, PhD
President, Rocky Mountain Humanistic Counseling & Psychological Association